How to pack suitcase on holidays?


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                                                        It’s official- IT’S SUMMER TIME!!! <3

Because of that I have some tips for you guys, how to pack your suitcase to take all the essentials with you, without overload your luggage.

For over 6 years I was traveled a lot. During this time I came up with these ideas, how to make trip nice and easy instated of stressful nightmare!

Down below 10 rules how to pack suitcase.

                                                                                            Let’s begin! ;]

Rule No 1.

Plan your outfits before the trip!


Let’s say you are going on one week of vacation to some hot destination.
CLOTHES-Take some time and plan, what are you going to wear each day, then remember 20% of clothes should be bottoms and other 80% tops. Try to use the same pieces, but mix them with others. It will help you to save the space and weight of your luggage.
SHOES- Don’t take different pair of shoes for each day! 2 pairs of flats, flip-flops & pair of nude heels will do the job ;)
BAGS- One clutch (for evening meetings), one messenger bag- optional (to travel/ explore the place) and big one (on beach) Pack all of them into one!
ACCESSORIES- You can take what ever you like, but be careful to not take too much expensive  stuff!
To save the space, start by putting big items first, and use the small one to fill the gaps in the luggage.

Rule No. 2

Check your hotel!


Make sure that essentials like: hair dryer, towels, iron etc. are available for your use!
Also ask for beach towel.


Rule No. 3

Organize your luggage!

If you have suitcase on wheels, make sure to put all the heavy pieces on the bottom, where the wheels are. (cosmetics, shoes, bags etc.)
Why? Because during the trip your luggage will be (in the best option) in two different positions. Lying down- as when you pack, and unpack the luggage. Stand-up- during the trip, when everything goes to the bottom of your suitcase. It’s very important to not squash anything!

Rule No. 4

Separate & segregate items in suitcase!


Separate all tops, bottoms, shoes, bags, cosmetics etc. to different bags! Stick the label on top of each bag, to quickly know what’s where! ;)
Second thing, why I advice you to do this, is in case of split some cosmetics product, the rest of your luggage will be safe!
By putting each pair of shoes if different bag will help you to avoid dirt and sand in your suitcase.

Rule No. 5

How not to wrinkle clothes?

Blazers, dresses, tops, trousers etc. – all textures which are easy to wrinkle do not fold!
  • Put them on hanger into rubbish bag(to keep it clean),
  • Bottom part put on the bottom of your suitcase.
  • Next put other clothes separate in bags on top of it.
  • Roll the top part of the item at the top of bag of clothes.
Thanks to that your item will reach the destination in perfect condition.
Wrinkles on your other clothes?
Hang them in bathroom- steam from shower will do the rest for you ;)


Rule No. 6


The biggest nightmare!!!
Pack your suitcase in the way that is safe for your potential lost!
Documents, cash, valuable items, cards, phone, laptop etc. ALWAYS KEEP WITH YOU!!! ALL THE TRIP to your destination!
Then, put them to hotel safe!

 Rule No. 7

Pack your luggage full!

Do you care abut your luggage, and carry it gently? Well, others DON”T.  If you are going on vacation by plain, you can be sure that your suitcase will be upside down and thrown many times!
During the trip, everything inside the suitcase can change his position, if you will pack it full, you will be sure, that everything will be at the right spot.
Items which need special gentle treatment ( perfumes, glasses etc.) put between the clothes. They will serve as a protective shield.
You can also use bubble wrap for all those items.


Rule No. 8


They are No. 1  reason of over weight luggage.
  1. Take samples of your cosmetics, not full size one! ( Ask in your drug store, or create samples yourself by using small cosmetic containers!)
  2. Instate of taken cleaner, tonic, cream etc. Use 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 products. Do the same with hair products!
  3. In most of the places you will have: soap, shampoo and conditioner. This will help you to save space and weight.
  4. Don’t forget about sun cream and after the sun cream!
  5. Your hair is a mess and you can’t imagine not using straightener?  Go for mini size one!

61TJ5KKg5PL._SL1500_BaByliss 2856CU Pro 200 Nano Straightener Green - PT01

Rule No. 9


We all hates the time of checkouts and all the stress caused by out luggage. How to avoid it?
  1. Check the weight of your luggage before you will get to the airport! Or weight your suitcase before the checkout.
  2. If you carry two suitcase + handbag- make sure to have as small handbag as possible, the best option- put everything to the smaller suitcase or stay only with handbag. Less luggage then better.
  3. Keep all your documents in some handy place- you will have to show them at least 4 times!
  4. Put your boarding card into your photo passport page- quicker checkout= quicker your done!

Queue | Kolejka

Rule No. 10


Dependence of airline you can take with you on plain small luggage (different airline- different luggage size guidelines) and handbag, or only handbag. Make sure to check this information before your arrival on airport.
Better off to leave your perfume in main luggage. You can take liquids storage up to 100 ml containers. All  liquid cosmetics like, primer, foundation, lipstick etc. They HAVE TO go to clear, plastic bag. You can buy it at checkout.
Limit the accessories to a minimum! Less you have on yourself, then less you need to take off. Equals less chance of losing something.

There is some different option, and it’s the quickest and easiest way to pack your luggage.
If your luggage look like this:


…………….then forget about my rules ;)

I hope Guys this post was helpful, and your holidays will be nothing else, but pleasure, without any worries about airport checkouts! ;)



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